New install 2008 Server Std

I installed the server software today and successfully bound it to my LDAP server. Everything appears to be configured and running. When I use my client (mac osx) PSI or Jabberfox to connect I cannot connect.

My server address is (internally routable only)

My username in ad is jonathonlorek

Are there any special connection settings I need to check on the server? Are there special syntax(s) for the connection usernames or server addresses (i.e. port numbers or

I have read through everything I can get my hands on but have had no luck.

FYI windows firewall is off on the server. And I can ping it, and dns resolves the name.

As far as i remember, when bound with LDAP you should enter your AD account name in the username. You can try local IP of that server instead of the servername. I don’t remember exactly, but in Psi i think you should enter everything in one field, so it should look like or jonathonlorek@ip_of_server.