New install 3.7.0 2008 R2 64 bit, ldap users not showing in spark client


I’m in the process of moving VM’s onto our new esx infrastucture and decided to do a new openfire box

Esx4.1 VM running server 2008 R2 Datacenter 64 Bit

1cpu, 1GB Mem, 40GB drive.

Decided to go with the latest version (we are currently running 3.6.3 on our old gear)

Everything looked good, firewall settings working connect to admin web page.

Users being brought in through LDAP.

Search for users on spark works.

Users with the rights to use openfire assigned to a AD group (no change from old version) able to login those not in the group denied.

However, roster list not showing active logged in or inactive users on spark client or each other!

Any ideas to fix this would be much appreciated.

Ok Further to the above info

I have now re-installed using 3.6.4 still the same issue.

I have also tried from a windows 7 SP1 machine 32 bit. Again the same problem, no roster…

Hi Fenixryan,

Did you enable contact list sharing under Groups?

Cheers Ragen, where is that exactly I canna see it

Users/Groups > Groups > then open a group

Our groups are brought in from Active Directory, and are auto populated here. If you have the old server up still, I would check the settings on the old one and then set it up the same on the new one.

Thank you, job done.