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New Install - Authentication and Buddy List Problem

Greetings all. New install on Centos 5.3. I’m having trouble getting basic features to work:

If I create a user say testuser

Go to client machine with iChat and setup as testuser@fqdn I connect but must authenticate as user not user@FQDN

Next, when I add buddies, the buddy gets no invite. If I manually add buddy presence is not shown on either end, user not added to buddy list (awaiting authorization)

What am I doing wrong?

Any additional info I could provide that would help? I’ve tried the mail aliases as well with no response on this question. Would really like to use this tool in an open source setting.


It seems that there are no iChat users here right now. I’m not familiar with that client either. Can you try with other clients? Say Spark, Pidgin (Adium for Macs i believe), etc.

Ok so I just used installed Adium for mac on two clients and same result regarding the buddy component. I can authenticate but when I add a buddy, the other person doesn’t get the request. And if you manually add on both ends, online status is not shown.