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New Install: Could not find UserManager

I am doing a new install CentOS 5 with mysql database. I get to the point where it askes me to update the admin password and details. I input the new info and I get the following errors:

“There was an unexpected error encountered when setting the new admin information. Please check your error logs and try to remedy the problem.”

I check the stderror.log and get

Could not find UserManager

Any ideas???

Hey Chris,

I have a few questions. Are you using a custom build of Openfire from SVN trunk? I fixed yesterday this issue for the upcoming Openfire 3.4.0. If you are using Openfire 3.3.2 (or later) then the problem is something else. Are you integrating your users with LDAP or any other user provider? By default the server is trying to find the admin account and if it fails then you get that exception.


– Gato

It is 3.3.2, no LDAP. Iplan to use a Invision Power Board database for users but thouhgt I needed to do that after the initial setup. So for now it was a basic standard install…