New Install... LDAP & Atomization help needed

Good Morning/Afternoon,

I have a fresh download running on Server 2003 R2 on a 2003 domain.

Here’s what I’m looking to do:

  • Integrate OpenFire with my AD structure
  • Push out Spark to all end users
    • Have it already configured for SSO with server settings as well as other settings like “toaster notification” and “windows look and feel” etc.
    • Push out group lists to users
    • Want to be able to control things like the ability for managers to shout things to say their guys but not to other groups
  • Lastly would be to integrate SparkWeb for offsite users.

I am at a car dealership with multiple franchises and my AD looks like this:

  • ROOT
    • Ford
      • Sales
      • Parts
      • Service
      • Technicians
    • Lexus
      • Sales
      • Parts
      • Service
      • Technicians

So on and so forth for all the different franchises.

Obviously I have groups like:

Ford Sales

Ford Service

Ford Technicians


Where I am at and what I have done thus far…

  • Installed OpenFire
  • Configured LDAP
    • When I configured LDAP I tried to filter out so that it only saw “Users” like it is supposed to HOWEVER it wanted to pull EVERYTHING: users, computer accounts, contacts… you name it.

So I am able to login and I have gone on the Admin side and did the group sharing and even shared other groups with my group and nothing happens. I don’t see any client side settings other than an “all for one” turn on/off broadcast.

Also I don’t know if it matters but obviously we have a lot of mail groups and accounts that are service accounts. Do I just leave those there? It doesn’t use the AD structure at all when it pulls/creates anything and is all based off of groups so when I pull up groups I have over 12 pages… is this normal with the amount of different security & distribution groups we have? It seems like a pain to manage. Can I remove some from the server and it will keep those off of here?

As far as the rest… I would like to get it to a “working” state (pushing out group lists) to people first before I worry about deployment. I downloaded a .exe file so I’m assuming that there is no .msi nor is there planning on being one for AD deployment.

I just can’t find documentation for most of this. For example LDAP support… I found this link: de.html

but that only shows you the first step in setting up LDAP. I didn’t have a problem with that step; it was the next one I need help with on the filter etc.

There just seems to be a general lack of in depth documentation on this. Or am I not looking in the right places? For example I couldn’t find anywhere how to push groups. I did find something from a random internet site but it was old (possibly) as what I did didn’t work. I also can’t find anything about bookmarks, what they are, how to setup… anything. I feel like this is an awesome solution but I can’t find the documentation to get it to work properly.

Any help is greatly appreciated

Thank you,


For filtering AD users you may use filter like this:


So it filters out all blocked users, computers and etc. but you have to specify cn,sn and gicenName for all users desired to participate in chats.