New Installation - Can not connect to OpenFire w/Spark

New user/installation here so go easy on me.

Installed OpenFire on windows server 2012

Config’d active directory/ldap - works

Both admin accts work to make changes etc. in web console

Install Spark on workstation - Error: “Can’t connect to server: invalid name or server not reachable” with either account

Install Spark on server - Success

Workstation disable firewall - no change (server does not have firewall running)

Server is multihomed so edited the openfire.xml and put in the LAN IP of nic I want it binded to. (stopped openfire service/edit/start service.)

Still a no go. tried by name & ip for server (yes pinging the server works just fine)

Kind of at a loss where to look next, a little help here would be nice


(I could be in the wrong forum I just noticed.)

from the workstation, can you telnet to your openfire server on port 5222? If not, then likely you have a network issue…ie firewall.

That was strange but server firewall was enabled, I don’t recall enabling it. But yup that corrected the problem, I opened port 5222 and I can now login. Guess I better see what other ports I need.