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New msn contacts never show gateway as online

People who have subscribed to my bot before a week ago (sorry I don’t have a firm “when”) can track the bot presence just fine but anyone who subscribes to the bot via msn gateway never show the bot as being online or available.

I have even told my bot to explicitly send a presence ping to one of them - no update.

But I do see their subscribe/un-subscribe notices.


What event occured “about a week ago”? Did you upgrade the plugin (from what version to what version?)

On our side only code to the bot that deals with commands - nothing that deals with presence.

We did upgrade to 1.1.3a when that was made available but otherwise have left the openfire software alone.

The only thing that is different I guess is that now the bot remains online for days where as before I would be restarting it to update it’s code because of new commands or other bug fixes.

Are you handling/answering the subscribe/unsubscribe requests? You may need to be authorizing the subscription requests.

yes, the subscribe and unsubscribe are both handled automatically by the bot and a response sent back immediately