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New open source plugins with enterprise features are now available

Ben, it is not open-source.

After the list there is:

If we add the clustering plugin that is commercial

Maybe, for newcomers that blog post is misleading. Older community is aware about the clustering licensing issues.

Hi Oleg,

I still wonder why one needs a Jivesoftware license and not an Oracle license for clustering. Jivesoftware could release the plugin as open source and make use of the Oracle Coherence API similar to JDBC. Also the Oracle JDBC driver is not open source but it runs fine with Openfire.



I’ve tried the statistics plugin. There is a big mistake on the french translation : “Conversqtions en cours” instead of “Conversations en cours” (qwerty/azerty ? )

I’d like to notify too :

“Un “snapshot” de l’activité sur Openfire” => It’s not good to let english words… I don’t know what is the best translation… maybe “un aperçu”.

“utilisateurs courant” => “utilisateurs courants” (plural)

“Group Chat: Salons” => Why both english word and its translation ? Only “Salons” it’s enough.

I don’t see sparkweb or fastpath in the list, even though the fastpath service is listed, it requires enterprise to be installed for the fastpath (according to the quick start guide) tab to show, which in-turn requires an Enterprise license.

The simplest way for open source plugins to work with enterprise functionality, is to remove the enterprise licensing, and have each commercial plugin have their own license entry. Doing it that way ALL open source plugins will work with enterprise, but commercial plugins would require separately purchased licenses.

Originally, when enterprise is installed, and fastpath is accessed, enterprise would ask for license information, so, instead of enterprise asking for a license, the license entry is removed, so that open source plugins can be installed and run with enterprise, but,if a commercial plugin is installed, then, when that plugin is activated, ie, run, it opens a separate license entry box, where a purchased license can be entered.

The Enterprise plugin should -not- be installed if you use the open source versions of the plugins. The plugins will not load if you still have enterprise installed. None of the new plugins sans clustering require a license. Fastpath does not require a license. The quick start guide is old and wrong apparently. Sparkweb is also open source and available in the SparkWeb Support forum for now until we give it it’s own product page.

hi jade… wen r we having .war file for Spark released… i am eagerly waiting for the same…

Why would there be a .war for Spark? Do you mean SparkWeb? Or Fastpath webchat? or?

The good news with a SparkWeb war is, I finally found the right set of ninja magic to build SparkWeb from the command line. The bad news is, I haven’t had time to clean it up into a release build. The .war is supposed to be available when 1.0 gets released though, which I do not know a date on at this time.

i meant… .war for SparkWeb…!!!