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New OpenFire 3.8.0 Install - AD Group Issues

I successfully installed OpenFire onto our AD network. I can see the users/groups listed, login talk to each other.

I’m trying to add contact list group sharing, so every user has a directory of our company… (necessity)

When I go to the Edit Group page, “Enable contact list group sharing” is already checked, with a blank field below it.

When I try and add the contact list for everyone, and submit, I get a SERVER 500 error. Please see the screenshots below:

There is a bug in 3.8.0 regarding AD or other read-only provider groups (OF-610). You can try 3.8.1 alpha to see if it works for you http://bamboo.igniterealtime.org/browse/OPENFIRE-NIGHTLYWINDOWS-963/artifact/sha red/Project-Windows-distribution-files although 3.8.1 still has a new group displaying bug in the Admin Console OF-616

Alpha worked. Thank you!