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New Openfire and Kraken install - MSN not working

I have just installed Openfire 3.7.1 and Kraken 1.1.2 on a Debian squeeze (stable) amd64 system, to replace an earlier install of ejabberd with the py-transports. Mostly, it’s gone well apart from a few wobbles saving my roster.

However, Kraken does not seem to be working properly with MSN, despite working on an earlier test with a VM. I can log in - the icon in Psi goes blue, but I cannot see any of my contacts, nor can I message another I knovw also to be logged in using the same instance of Kraken.

Kraken seems just fine with AIM, Yahoo and even GTalk (apart from editing contacts’ names automatically). I tried Facebook, too, but apart from alerting for account security on Facebook itself, it didn’t seem to be useful at this stage. I was very surprised to see MSN not appearing to work.

I can check/test anything, given enough information, to help find a solution. I could try Kraken 1.1.3 if that might be better.

Self-reply - 1.1.3 latest beta works. Is there a replacement in the pipeline?