New Openfire monitoring plugin

Dear Sergio,

Glad you found it.

I just changed the host page to also show IQError/Result/Set/Get counts. Hope that gives some insight in what your servers are up to.

Kees Jan

This is very cool – good work y’all! I’d like to suggest throwing a “Home” link at the top nav bar though as it’s hard to figure out exactly what takes you back to the page where you can actually see your monitored stuff. I mean I figured it out, but still. =) Instinct told me to go to User CP at first since it was the one on the left, but that was of course not correct. =0

I loaded the .jar file into the plug-in folder for Openfire … now how do I access the monitor? I don’t see any instructions for this in the documentation.

Opefire is abending due to this plugin…

Aug 28, 2009 11:54:36 AM com.javamonitor.JavaMonitorCollector$CollectorDriver run
SEVERE: This probe was hit by an unexpected exception: Server returned HTTP response code: 401 for URL: Server returned HTTP response code: 401 for URL:
at Source)
at com.javamonitor.Collector.push(
at com.javamonitor.Collector.push(
at com.javamonitor.JavaMonitorCollector$ ava:134)
at Source)

Any ideas?

You have to go to Java-Monitor site and see stats there

Does this tool come with a local monitoring tool (within our firewall)? If so, I can use it. If the data is going to a public site outside our firewall, I cannot use it…against corporate policy. that’s probably why the tool abends Openfire upon start.

All I really wanted is to log conversations from Spark over Openfire into the attached MySQL database. Oh well.

Dear Skip,

I just checked the server logs on Java-monitor and that 401 message was not generated on any of our web servers. Most likely your corporate firewall is helping you abide by company policy. Also, Java-monitor does not log conversations in any way. It just counts packets. It would not have given you what you are looking for anyway.

Does your local system admin department not offer monitoring services? If your company is big enough for data policies, it is probably big enough to have a few instances of the big monitoring tools as well.

Kees Jan

… wait a minute. Does it kill Openfire when the plugin experiences an error?

Spark opens but I cannot access any friends, rooms.

I tried this plugin on our production server today which had over 6000 people logged in. The information was useful but I would have liked to be able to drill down and look at the actual threads rather than just counters. More information on memory usage would be useful too as I can’t see how you could determine memory leaks with that info. Or maybe I am missing something? Also just recently the graphs weren’t downloading… or were downloading extremely slowly and the page would refresh before even half of them downloaded.