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New Openfire plugin: ServerInfo

Hey everybody.

I create a new openfire plugin, called ServerInfo.

ServerInfo provides session information (total users, online users, incoming servers sessions) and you can use this data to create graphs in MRTG or to create alarms in zabbix, nagios, centreon, etc… New resources will be available in future releases.

I invite all of you to download and test the plugin.

You can find the release note here: http://www.mundoopensource.com.br/novo-plugin-para-openfire-serverinfo/ (portuguese only).


Marcelo H. Terres


Openfire-BR owner mailing list


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I also work on a plugin to offer metrics over JMX, but I see you have it already done. Will be your plugin opensource?


In the next weeks I want to implement new features and after that I’ll try to publish it in openfire repository.


What happens if I don’t have a mail server installed on my Openfire server? I have been looking for a way to monitor stats using PRTG. Is it possible to have a webpage that will display the info ie. PRTG can be setup to pull data from a webpage if the numbers are in [] brackets.

I don’t understand what you means with mail server. You should send a xmpp message to jid info@serverinfo.yourjabberdomain.com.

I’m working in a socket approach to permit that you get data from a tcp connection and I’ll put your idea (webpage with informations) in my wish list.


Marcelo Terres

Sorry google chrome translated your webpage and it came up as "

Okay, I installed it, and now?

Now it is very simple. Just send mail to info @ serverinfo. meudominiojabber.com .?

Thats is where I got confused. Sorry.

Oh, no problem, it happens.


Marcelo Terres

I’m trying to use 0.1 version on the latest 3.10.0 build of Openfire and i don’t get anything when i send messages from Spark to info@serverinfo.server (my example info@serverinfo.wroot)

Hello wroot.

I didn’t test the plugin in development version. I’m using Openfire 3.9.3 and tomorrow I’ll release 0.2 that supports tcp connections (port 4455). This is a screenshot of my MRTG that use this feature.


During this week I’ll release version 0.3 with debug options. It’ll help to identify this kind of problems.

Thank you for testing my plugin and give me your feedback.


Marcelo Terres

Why waiting for tomorrow, am I right?

ServerInfo version 0.2 is here:



And tomorrow I’ll post in Mundo Open Source (http://www.mundoopensource.com.br), the MRTG example that I’m using.

It’ll include python scripts, mrtg config, cronjob and all info needed to make it work.


Marcelo Terres


This is the URL of my new post (portuguese) that shows how to monitor Openfire with MRTG and ServerInfo Plugin.

http://www.mundoopensource.com.br/monitorando-o-openfire-com-mrtg-e-o-plugin-ser verinfo/


Marcelo Terres

PRTG which I use is windows based. Really all I need is a file I can put in the webserver directory that I can hit that has the online users # in []

For example

Online Users [1102]

Even if it was a cron job that every 60 seconds did online users > onlineusers.html

but I don’t know how to write the scripting in linux to do that.

I create now a script that do that:


You can put it in your cron to create the file.

./of_serverinfo_prtg.py online users

online users [4]

Is it sufficient?


Marcelo Terres

It works perfect thank you. I’ve been looking for a way to do this for so long.

So something odd maybe a bug, since I started using it I can no longer load the Statistics page on the Openfire Admin website. Should this be happening?


I’m using it in 4 different servers, 3 running 3.9.X and one running 3.8.1.

In 3.9.X I didn’t find any problems. In my 3.8.1 server my statistics page is blank but it happens even without serverinfo is installed, so I guess it’s a monitoring plugin bug (1.3.1 rc1).


Marcelo Terres

about 10mins after I sent that message the stats page came back. I have that script you made running every 60 seconds (i hope I am not going to break things running it that often if so I can change the timer) The stat page on the webadmin interface shows 909 users, online users is outputting 979 users

How many active client sessions did you have in console admin?

ServerInfo plugin should display the same value that exists in this page:



Marcelo Terres

Both of these taken at the same time