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New red5flash phone ver 0.1.10 ver3


new red5flash phone on :http://rapidshare.com/files/197549239/red5-0.1.10_ver3.zip

add functions:

Red5phone show busy or rejected message for busy outgoing calls.

thanks to Janny_buh patch all sip Register message using same Call-ID header and increment Cseq as recommended by RFC3261.

add make.sh provided kindly by Jose Kerne for compile source code under linux.

I would like to incorage other users that made some changes to share it with all of us.

I still use this as ver 0.1.10 as I want Dele to also test it and decide what version it will be

test own your own risk !!!


yep, Dele will test it over the weekend

It tests ok for me on my Asterisk 1.4 IP04

I have modified the Openlaszlo callme and Javascript Red5phone API to be compatible with the recent changes

A big thank you to all contributors.