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New SIP Softphone Plugin - We Need Your Feedback

Solegy has a beta SIP Softphone plugin for Spark and would like your feedback. The plugin is based on the Open Source SIP softphone Software Developement Kit (SDK), and can be used with any 3rd party proxy or IP-PBX. To download the Plugin go to http://www.opensipstack.org/solegy/releases/sparkplug/070720/OssSparkPlugInstall er.msi.

The Spark Plugin is a Java interface to the OSS SIP softphone. It will install the OSS SIP softphone and enable it to be run as an independent system daemon, controlled completely by the Spark user interface. The Spark Plugin can be installed on any MS Windows PC (Mac support will be coming soon). Your feedback will be greatly appreciated.


can you highlight the differences compared to the current SIP plugin available in Spark with the Openfire enterprise version?