New Spark Popups

thats a common groupchat problem

the server resends all messages in the muc, thus the messagelistener is fired up.

until now the best way to cope with it, is to set the amount of popups to a fixed size

Pref->roar->amount = 7

ill work some more on this later today

Wolf_P. wrote:

yes we can, how would you like it?

  • if Chatwindow is in focus, dont show popups for active tab
  • if in focus dont show popups at all

Can’t choose between one of these two. I thin it shouldn’t show popups when the chatwindow is in focus, means when you are already chatting with someone. But i’m not sure whether it should show a popup when a message arrives in an inactive tab. I’m leaning towards the first option, to actually show popups for inactive tabs. While you are chatting with someone, you can still see what others are saying to you. I think this option will help with auto starting group chat too as it will start in focus. But if there is more than one group chat autostarting, then other groupchat will be as inactive tabs (or will they become active just for a second?) and so they messages will appear as popups.

Wolf_P. wrote:

i thought i fixed the weird hover effect, seems i have to look again

Hover issue is now gone. Another issue. In the popup it shows sender’s username. I think it is better to show the name/nickname.

I think with this one

  • When joining a groupchat, old messages will no longer popup

you have disabled showing history in group chat. Some folks will not be pleased.

nope, history in groupchat still shows in the chatwindow

im just filtering older messages and not sending popups for those

With the latest build i can’t see chat history neither on my server nor on (Open Chat). I was seeing it few revisions before (i was testing roar then and checking how it was showing a bunch of popups on room join).

thats weird, i didnt change anything in the groupchat

and its sill working for me

Same here, previous groupchat history is wiped out when joining with roar enabled.

are there errorlogs?

posting screenshot for proof :wink:


I disabled roar plugin and rejoined – still no old group chat history. No error logs either.

Something else must be causing it.


I take that back, roar is hard to disable (had to delete the plugin files, AND disable it in the plugin interface).

I have old history again now that roar is disabled.

are you using integrated database?

could you start spark with debugger and check the packets when joining the conference

should look like:

Joining the room:

This room is not anonymous.

receiving old messages: (usually contains a stamp=xxxxx)


no - not an integrated database (using mysql).

I’ll enable the debugger and see if I can get that info.

Joined room:


Roar Disabled – Debug output:


looks identical (couldn’t find exact message) – must be something with roar skipipng the event processing and not actually displaying it?

i think i know what might cause this

roar is looking for the string behind stamp="

and expects it to be in format YYYYMMDDTHH:MM:SS

but the first stamp=" is in format YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS

im gonna update this probably on monday or if im bored during the weekend