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New spark version won''t connect

I downloaded and installed the new spark version 1.1.3, and it won’'t connect to my wildfire server. It did print an error log that stated connection refused. I uninstalled it and re-installed Spark 1.0.4, and it connected just fine. Anybody having this trouble?

Hi John,

Spark 1.1.3 runs fine for me, so it should not be a 1.1.3 problem.

I assume you are using standard settings and a servername to connect to your XMPP server.

You could backup and then delete %USERPROFILE%\Spark\settings.xml and other files in the directory, maybe they cause this problem.

Could you post the error here?

You may want to install Spark 1.1.3 once again in a new folder and keep 1.0.4. I usually do this, so you have a Spark (with 1.0.4) and a Spark113 folder. It should be much easier to switch the versions to test this further.


i installed both versions, and 113 connected fine. I don’'t what happened, but it seems to be fine. Thanks