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New SparkWeb UI ideas

Hey all,

We’'re working on some UI updates for SparkWeb and have some early mockups. Let us know what you think!


What i see is that active/unactive tab colors in SparWeb are opposite to Spark. Though i prefer SparkWeb style. Active tab should be lighter, and unactive dimmed/darker imho.

I agree with with what wroot said about the tabs. I prefer the Active tab to be lighter and the others to be dimmer/darker.

Otherwise the new UI screenshots look very impressive. (Now, if only I could get the web client functionality to work reliably )

Custom template so we can do our own?


p.s. the login screen looks great if the answers no!

Hi Ian,

It will be possible to customize SparkWeb if you would like to.



Greg - where could I download the documentation that would assist me to customize sparkweb look and feel? are there any skins currently available that you know of or in the plans? Thanks.


I think it looks great. Customization is key for me though so I look forward to that.

will there be improvements with SSL connections? for me SSL sparkweb seems to be pretty slow to login using IE and Firefox.

Hi JM,

Unfortunately there isn’‘t any documentation on customizing the look and feel. We’'re in the midst of making some great changes to SparkWeb that will make it easier to change the look and feel of. No ETA yet, but it is coming soon.