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New to Openfire

Hi All i have read the documentation and have the server set up with all logins created into the embedded database.

I havd restarted the server and i have logged into Pandion.

I have also added IM Pluggins and allowed other users to access from the userlist i have created.

but others still unable to log into pandion

Any advice is welcome and i thank you in advance.

We need more information about what errors do they get and how they try to login. You said you were able to login. Did you do this locally on the same machine you have installed Openfire on? Have you tried to login from a different machine? Maybe you server’s name is not resolvable in your network or internet. In that case you can try putting IP address instead of server part in login screen. Or you can add your server’s name to your DNS so it would be resolvable.


I have got the openfire installed on my desktop for the time being. I have the services up all the time. I was able to log into the pandion once. Now there is just no conection. I have tested from other ppls machines and using my ip address as the domain login name. so it will be scott@ for example. This hasn’t worked since. Everyone can see my computer on the network but just not connect.

You were able to login once with scott@ credentials from another PC? And now you can’t? This is strange. maybe you should try restarting the Openfire. If you are running it as a service, try to stop it and run with a launcher.

Thanks for that advice. I can connect running it from a launcher and not the service. I have given another user the same details below with their own log in it goes to connect but wont allow it access. any advice.

these are the connection settings.

Server connection:

Address : 192168.27.90 port 5222

Secure Connection: Use tls encryption if available on server.

Log In Auth: Address and password

Proxy Server: None

On the actual OpenFire the port is 5223 this should be the port that the clients are using with my understanding.

Well. Default port is 5222 for both secure and unsecure connections. 5223 is an obsolete port for the secure connections. Maybe Pandion is still using 5223 as this client hasnt been updated for a long time. Did you have set security settings to Require secure connections in the Admin Console? http://server:9090/ssl-settings.jsp