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New to openfire

I was just wondering if there is any product like Microsoft OCS in Linux and by searching on Internet i found out this wonderful (openfire) substitute.

since i am new to openfire (but not to linux), i would like to ask few things first before initiating a testing phase.

since i am very new to openfire i found out that initially it does provide only Messaging facility. however my goals are

  • local voice server for interoffice voice communication
  • mobile/remote user voice/chat functionality (e.g. android or VPN users)
  • centralized chat log for chat history.
  • tentatively, Video if not that hard to implement.

as i scan the Internet for openfire i see there are plugging for the above however i could not find documentation on these that how to setup. and i am confuse a bit as jingle node and SIP both are plugins for voice and i dont have knowlege that in which case i can use jingle node or SIP.

so, would you please be kind enough and help me out with my goals so that i do not waste my time on scanning google and go with the targeted approach. which i think save loads of time for me.



Indeed voice/video stuff is too complicated. Can’t answer this myself. Maybe you should contact Dele Olajide, as he is doing some work on that front (read his blog posts here, maybe as in Red5 section of the forums. I know that he has some plugins for Openfire/Spark which enable video chat also. But i haven’t seen easy documentation for implementing this Peer to peer audio chat should in theory work in regular Spark. But can be complicated too. Related info http://community.igniterealtime.org/docs/DOC-2187

Can’t say anything about android or VPN.

For the history part, there is Monitoring Service plugin, which stores everything in the database, but i tend not to recommend this plugin as it often stops working out of nowhere. Also database will grow huge in time. A few days ago some work was done about integrating Monitoring plugin with Open Archive plugin. Maybe this will also fix problems with that plugin, but can’t say when newer plugin will be available. All projects on this site are not very active as there are no regular active developers, only a few doing some stuff occasionally.