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New to Wildfire - Need Help

I am trying to setup an inhouse IM system. The program is installed and setup but my clients can’‘t connect. I was able to creat a user from the client but it won’'t login. my Server name is “dcsrv2” and my domain name is “dc” so the full server name is “dcsrv2.dc” What information do I need to post for help?

Are you using the internal database or an external database? what OS are you using?

Post your config.xml (delete your identifying information, and passwords and put in something generic that follows the same name schema.)



did you configure xmpp.domain as “dcsrv2.dc”?

[ /index.jsp - Domain Name(s):

or set it on /server-properties.jsp as a server property ]

Does your DNS records for “dcsrv2.dc” return the IP address of your server?


ok. well I got it to work. I ended up downloading the spark client and it worked right away. So I guess for now I say thanks for the quick responses and I am sure I will have more questions in the future.

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