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New User - Automatically Added to Group?

I have a single group created and whenever a new user registers a new account from their workstation, I’d like that new user to be automatically added to the single group.

Is this possible?

Go to Plugins in Admin Console and install Registration plugin, then go to Users > Registration Properties and point to that group.

is there also a way to have this happen if you create a user in the admin interface? maybe i’m doing it wrong but it does not seem to work .

I would like it so users get added to a group when I create them.


There is no plugin for that. Well, a bit weird way would be to register new users with a client (Spark or else). Then it would go to a desired group

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I find it kindof strange that you can not create a user and in the usercreation select groups;

i’m using the server at work and want all people to be linked to each other; this means that I create them all now and then manually add them to a group.

maybe an idea for a future release (if any planned)

Actually, i have filed such request 4 years ago ( OF-264 ). Nobody has provided a patch fro this option.

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I added a vote :slight_smile: