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New User - Have some questions

Hey everyone - I really have enjoyed getting this product up and running and hope someone can help me with some quirks that we are experiencing.

  1. We do use the OTR functionality but probably 50% of the time or more the other user just gets gibberish - something like -

?OTR:AAIDAAAAAAEAAAABAAAAwHc9DPNQDlHn1qV183bKpYeBJkOwnH iIbVIlhf2IKu6wL LO55QL1J6MFQeG1x8z2Fag6yIBYNwWek O7hJZ526ascjE1bzDmWdLshUvQdU12o1bxdgITFeDFx0kpwJuG8HBp/kIFMLsdAz6goNuW/1XRUGZVm BrtHBWH6kGlvnsijahZjaQxhpo492jf0TPYBMuHKnedSbWAPgMo4lah0wLxVobPLhhzfpK10zaNZHLCQ 1E S6Nzb9adJ/c7dQDgAAAAAAAAABAAAABIGdrynBHzySEdSHU7RduOXncIr7/LjYggAAAAA =。

  1. Is there a way I, as an admin, can “push” a new user to everyone’s contacts instead of having to make sure they all accept the new user on their end?

Thanks so much!

Regarding 2, these are called ‘Shared Groups’. Just create a group on the admin console and then share it with everybody.