New User with some basic questions (starting with debug.log)

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I’ve been hacking around with OpenFire for a few days whenever I can here or there. I’m running 3.70 on a Debian Etch (4.0) system. I don’t think it’s 64 bit. I’ve managed to get SSL working, as well as MSN transport but I’m having some other issues (up to federation now). However, I can’t seem to get debug.log going, which I figure is the first step.

I’ve gone into the admin console, to Server -> Server Manager -> Logs -> Debug, and it is indeed enabled, but it’s still empty. I have of course restarted the server since settings it as such.

So, how do I get this thing spewing out messages? What information can I offer to provider any clarity about my setup?

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Pretty please someone give me a point in the right direction?

So, are you saying that Enabled is still marked when you restart your server and go to Debug log page again? Because on my server Disabled gets checked after i restart it. Also if i hit Enabled, Save Settings and then try to monitor logs (go to some other page and then back to debug log again), then i see some debug info, especially if i try to login or chat in my clients. But logs are empty if i restart my server. I have tried to file this, though it seems it behaves differently in each case. OF-460

My server is on WinXP

Thank you for responding. Unfortunately, it is still marked as enabled on mine after a restart, and no data is coming through. I’m on Debian Linux.

I’m really dyin’ here. I have issues with s2s, but I don’t even want to ask them until i can try to get a better idea of what’s going on, which I can’t do without the debug.log. I’m not getting any meaningful logging out of OpenFire.

Is this topic/question being ignore because no one knows? Or is it because I’m expected to know something I clearly don’t? I could really use a hand here. Thank you.

Your topic got 94 views, so it is not ignored, but most of the users here are not experts. So mostly the latter case. Nobody knows. As you have s2s issues, you may be hitting s2s bugs in 3.7.0. Suggest to try 3.6.4 before those bugs are fixed. Try this link ire_3.6.4_all.deb

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Thanks so much. I downgraded and all of my problems were resolved. I’m kind of surprised that 3.7.0 has been the official version in its state for as long as it has. Is my situation common? e.g. no debug.log or s2s?

I don’t know about the debug log, but s2s problems are known (but maybe no known solution) and there is a thread in the forums and also a ticket or two in the bug tracker. The problem with Openfire and projects on this site in general is that we don’t have enough developers/contributors. Currently there is only one nominal Openfire developer and he has his own life/job and almost no time for this project. Obviously 3.7.0 hasn’t been tested enough before releasing, but there was a beta version available for some time, but noone reported s2s issues before the final release. Now, there is no time or available patches to fix this and to release 3.7.1. So it is staying like this and can stay like this for years… Well, Walter (currently pushing Spark forward with his 2 programmers) said he will direct some programmers effort on Openfire in the Q4 i think. Hope they will be able to fix most of the bugs and maybe add some new features.

Thanks for the informative reply. Cheers.