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New Users have a Different Username in Chat

Hello All,

Firstly thank you for any help or ideas that you can provide.

The Scenario: We have a small handful of users in our organization who, when chatting with a select group of new employees, have the new employees usernames show as

Firstname@server instead of firstname lastname. Would anyone have any ideas?

We need more information. How are you users created? Or are they imported from LDAP? If you create them manually on the server, do you specify the Name? Do you use group sharing so new contacts automatically appear in everyone’s list or do your users add contacts manually? Which Spark version?

My apologies I was not sure 100% what to add. Spark version 2.6.3, users are imported from LDAP, and we do use the group sharing so that new contacts automatically appear.

Well, 2.6.3 is pretty old, but i doubt it’s the cause of this problem. I’m not familiar with LDAP integration. But you can compare a few users (old and new ones) in AD and check if their are not missing some attributes. Also how do they show up in Openfire’s Admin Console (Users list)?

This is usually caused when the account used for ldap lookup doesn’t have enough permissions to the user object. This can be caused because the user account security was changed from defaults or security inheritance has been disabled for the user.

wroot, in the admin console all of the users appear the same from what we can tell. That goes for AD as well members of the same groups and their accounts have the same information.

speedy, i will have to triple check this, nothing should have changed on that end.