New Version Of Smack?


Are there any plans to release a new version of Smack anytime soon? Because the last release is already some time ago…



Not a precise plan, but we do have it on our minds. =) There’s a number of improvements on the next version.

Good to hear

Hi there!

If you are thinking of releasing a new version, could you check this bug?

(Sorry for the formatting, there’s a properly formated description here: )

It appears it is affecting more people:


=) Thanks for the research you did on this and the fix!

Hello Daniel,

can you please open a bug for the hard coded STUN server adress in SMACK? The issue is reported several times and a security issue from the perspective of corporate networks. Here is a sampling of threads:,,

Kind regards,


You are welcome!!

Anything new here? Is Smack still maintained?

PubSub would be really great.