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New XP LAN -- Can't Access Console

Hi, as far as I can tell this question has not been answered. On a local P2P LAN, we’d like to have local messaging that doesn’t go out over the Internet. In fact, I had OpenFire and Spark running previously, and quite satisfactorily. Then it stopped working and now a year later, we’d like to try again.

Everything seems to be configured fine, however, the browser won’t pull up the Console admin page. And the error log gives this (abbreviated version):

2008.03.26 21:08:23 [org.jivesoftware.openfire.container.AdminConsolePlugin.startup(AdminConsolePlu gin.java:137)

] Could not start admin conosle server

java.io.IOException: Unable to establish loopback connection

  • at sun.nio.ch.PipeImpl$Initializer.run(Unknown Source)+

Any ideas? Don’t lauph, but we are using MS OneCare. Seems to configured correctly, except it does not give any control explicitly over Have tried both “admin” and “overeye” administrative accounts etc.

Thank you for any advice, or things to look in to.