Newb Openfire dev question

I am looking at using Openfire in our business. Have not used it before. I am a developer and I have two questions please.

  1. Can I have a chatroom of employees using Spark to interact while messages from the chatroom appear on our Intranet/website? Almost in the style of a message wall, or feed wall, for the chatroom. This would be a place where team leaders could go to get a view of discussions going on within the group chatroom. Users would NOT need to be able to post messages on the site. The site would just pull the messages from the room and show them on the page.

  2. If this feature is not fully baked are there API’s that would give me the ability to build this functionality?

Thank you in advance for your efforts!

Such a feature is not included. You can either create a plugin which uses the Openfire API.

Or you can create an external servlet or ASP page which connects to Openfire using XMPP.

Thanks for your response. I appreciate your feedback!