Newbie asking info on XIFF.swc

Hello All,

I’m a newbie in quiete everything here

I’m trying to build something very simple to achieve folloing

  • build an ipad app that check the presence status of my buddly list and allow me to call the selected peer

i did this so far

  • in Flash build 4.5.1 I added the XIFF.swc library into my project

  • in the main script a added the import org.ingiterealtime.xiff. [library ]

but I don’t find any info on the flow needed and sample code for

  1. create a connection with the xmpp server registering as “dummy user”

  2. retrive the buddy list

  3. retrive the status of each peer (register, not registered, away, dnd, availlable, …)

i think there are the 3 main need in order to then associate a “click” event to status to create the call feature

is the XIFF downloaded (3.0.0) containng the swc library compatible for flash builder 4.5.1?

hope you can point me in the right direction with some sample code.

Thks so much


Welcome Alberto,

Check out this doc ( to help you get started.

  • Mark

Hello Mark,

Thks for the reply

I did that already. I have my Flash Builder Application where I imported the XIFF.swc

but I didn’t found any information and sample code about the flow needed

Help cover all the command and function but it’s to wide to understand

let me explain it better (i hope)

what is the flow I need to follow? i think is:

  • create the connection with the XMPP server

  • register to it (anonymous or as real user)

  • build the buddy list (or retrieve it)

  • retrive the status of every buddy

  • present the data in graphical view

I have not found any sample code about this flow and/or step I need to follow (if they are right)

i see the is a mention in the site that some example application as provided with if and I didn,t find it