Newbie problem with the development of a plugin

Hello I’m still learning how to tinker with the Java language, but presciso make a plugin for openfire therefore arise many doubts, but my biggest problem today is the fact that I can not make a simple plugin appear in the administrator’s panel. is probably a form of compiles.
I’ve made several attempts I enclose herewith my Archiving. jar please check which would mess that I am?
I saw the tutorial for creating default plugin, but I’m still new in the language I think I should be ignoring something very important.

Thank you for your attention

in plugin.xml you are missing configuration for a tab on Adminconsole (below example from kraken,jar) if you want to have it’s own tab

and you can add some menu (side bar) items in existing tabs (below example from motd.jar)

I would say - look through existing plugins to see how they are set up to have settings/tabs on the Adminconsole, it has nothing to do with Java