[Newbie Query] Making Ofmeet work across NAT - yet another post

Dear Friends,

Please bear with me as I am a newbie in networking, yet I am trying to set Ofmeet at my office to prevent the use of commercial VC software (and maybe to add some cool features).

Right now I have it working pretty well on Linux Mint using Openfire 3.10 nightly build with the latest Ofmeet plugin installed. It works just fine within my LAN and others (in the LAN) can access the rooms by going to{roomname}. This series is also connected to the internet through a firewall that opens into the internet from the IP 14.XXX.YYY.ZZZ (public IP). I now have to get it working so that people from outside can access my ofmeet application.

This would be an easy task for all the network people I guess because I find a lot of queries, but no elaborate solutions to help those of us who are just stuck. I get that I need to use NAT so that all traffic looking for ofmeet on my public IP gets redirected to my local machine. Please help me with the following queries:

  1. Will I have to make any changes on my Firewall (apart from ensuring that the UDP ports 5000-6000 are open)?
  2. I found the sip-communicator.properties file in /var/lib/openfire/plugins/ofmeet and found it to be empty. As suggested, I added the following lines:
    org.jitsi.impl.neomedia.transform.srtp.SRTPCryptoContext.checkReplay=false org.jitsi.**videobridge**.NAT_HARVESTER_LOCAL_ADDRESS=<Local.IP.Address> org.jitsi.**videobridge**.NAT_HARVESTER_PUBLIC_ADDRESS=<Public.IP.Address>

My queries are: does the “videobridge” need to be changed to “ofmeet” or anything (now that the plugin is called ofmeet)? Plus, is the properties file supposed to be empty?

  1. If things are set right, what is the address at which the people in the outside network will be able to access my ofmeet page? Will it be of the form: https://14.XXX.YYY.ZZZ:7443/ofmeet/?r={roomname} or something else (without port number)?
    Sorry if I am missing anything very obvious and simple. But, any kind of help would be much appreciated.


  1. In addition to firewall you will need 7443 open for both udp/tcp traffic.

  2. I didn’t rename or mess with sip-comm properties but I am Server 2012R2.

  3. I didn’t rename videobridge to ofmeet.

I do have a working WAN oftmeet system working (except for screen share) however “out of the box” it would not work with standard nat transversal. I needed to install a specialized VPN bridge that punched a hole through my internal nat to the oftmeet box.

I hope this helps you a little, since I’m using Windows Server I can’t be of too much help with the Nix side of transversal!


For screen share, did you install openfire meetings chrome extension from chrome app & extensions store?

I Dele, does the chrome screen share plugin only work with https:// ?

Or can it be used with the standard 7070 port?



Screen share only works with https