Newbie question about getting the message window to stay open

Just started working at this company that uses Spark for most of the communication between employees. The common complaint I hear is that if youre not sitting at your desk staring at the screen and a Spark message comes to you it shows up for a few seconds and then dissappears and the person winds up having to get up, come over and say “Hey did you get my Spark?” and then you bring Spark to the front and say “Oh, yeah”

Is there any way to get that message that pops down from the right hand corner to just STAY THERE until I dismiss it?

Using Spark 2.5.8 on a Mac OSX 10.6.6

There is a couple of tickets (SPARK-1185, SPARK-1202) filed in the bug tracker to fix bouncing of Spark icon and also a proposition for numerical notification about the new messages. But we don’t have Mac developers here, so it won’t be fixed soon. So, i can’t suggest anything else. Maybe use Adium or some other client on Mac OS.

Heck I’d settle for a bouncing icon in the dock over nothing! Thanks for the reply. I don’t think the company would move to a new chat client cause I said they should (I am not that influential…YET!)