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Newbie question - Could not locate home

Please help!

I tried to compile the source code and I got the following error:

Could not locate home


at org.jivesoftware.messenger.XMPPServer.locateMessenger(XMPPServer.java:530)

at org.jivesoftware.messenger.XMPPServer.initialize(XMPPServer.java:167)

Critical Error! The home directory could not be loaded,

which will prevent the application from working correctly.

The output also indicates 3 ways to fix this. Unfortunately, none of them rings a bell to me. I have tried to look through the documentation listed in the web site, but none of them talks about the fix of this error. Please explain in a little more detail in terms of what I need to do and what command I use.

Thank you!

O… one more question. The code that I am compiling is from the directory, E:_Projects\jive_messenger_src\src\java. Would that be considered my “home”?

Hey powerfu,

So this problem is related to starting up the server, right? You have 2 options. The easiest one is to use the ant tasks (ant clean jar) to build the server and then just execute the target/bin/messenger.bat file to start up the server or the hardest one that implies adding all the required libraries to your project classpath and set the messengerHome as a system property (eg. -DmessengerHome=C:\java\Messenger).


– Gato