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Newbie question, does xiff open persistent connection with the server?


I am very new to XMPP and XIFF, but have little SIP experience.

A SIP UA needs to listen on a socket to accept request.

However, flash cannot open a listening socket.

So when XIFF connects to a Jabber server, does it open a persistent connect from then on, in case of flash, xmlsocket used?

The readme says that XIFF can connect to a lot of standard Jabber servers, does the spec specify that the server will keep the connection after client login?

Also, since flash cannot listen on socket, all the message will go through the server to endpoint , is it the standard Jabber behavior?

Yes, a persistent socket is opened from XIFF to the Server. The Flash app doesn’‘t need to be able to open a listener, it’'s the one opening a connection to the server.