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Newbie Questions

I’‘m looking to wildfire to provide IM internally in my company of about 300 people. The product seems excellent, but I’'m having trouble finding a lot of documentation. I have some questions:

  • Is it possible to have people recognized as user@domain.com instead of user@hostname.domain.com? I set up a test install and may have not done everything correctly.

  • What is the advantage of using mysql for the db vs the in memory db? Are there archiving or reporting functions? If so, how do I see them?

  • Is there an html/web interface to chatting or group rooms?

  • Is there anyway to prepopulate peoples buddy list with either a couple of specific people or so that every user in your primary group (ldap) is already a buddy?

  • Is there a way to disable all of the non-ssl’'d connection in the app? I know I can do it with iptables, but that is kind of hacky.

Thanks for your time.


a lot of questions, …

  1. I have no experience with DNS SRV records, but as far as I understand this should be possible.

  2. The embedded database is very fine if you just want to try the product on a computer. If you are already using MySql, Oracle, SQL2005 you may want to use it also for this product as you may have an experienced DBA an know how to backup/restore the database.

  3. Jivesoftware does not offer one officially. JWChat or MUCkl may be your friend, see http://zeank.in-berlin.de/ and search the forum.

  4. no idea about LDAP

  5. Yes, for the web console edit the wildfire.xml file, for clients see /ssl-settings.jsp.


  1. i dont know LDAP, but i think this can be achieved with Shared Groups. wildfire.xml should be modified i think.

Thanks for your answers. Where is the documentation for things such as wildfire.xml?

Depends what you want to find out. Sometimes it’'s only mentioned in forums. In documentation of Wildfire (whether at this site or inside wildfire installation) you can find such example of editing wildfire.xml:

http://www.jivesoftware.org/builds/wildfire/docs/latest/documentation/ldap-guide .html

This is for making Wildfire work with LDAP.

Hi Jaga,

there is no documentation about wildfire.xml (which is very short as long as you are not using LDAP). Marking a question as answered and asking another question is usually not what one should do.

I assume you are looking for documentation which describes how to connect to LDAP. Would you please search the forum and try to set up LDAP access by yourself? If you see problems you may post your wildfire.xml file so one can help you. Probably in a new thread as a new question.

Everyone would feel even more pleased if you’'d use the “helpful” or “correct” buttons to award points to replies.


Thanks for all the help. I marked it answered because it really was answered. My doc request should have possible been another thread, and the link submitted is appreciated. I still have to dig and figure out what groups are and how they are used, but I think that is what I want.