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Newbie questions


I’ve switched from ejabberd to openfire. As i’m new to it i’ve some questions

I used to use “jabber.example.com” as servername. At the setup i was asked for a domain name. So I’ve enterd “example.com” and NOT “jabber.example.com”. I was suproprised that this DOMAIN name was used as server name. I’ve cahnged it. Now a exclamationmark is displayed net to the servername. I suspect this is because of the missing SSL certs. Am I right? If so: How can i install new certs ?

As gateways do not work as expected i need some debuging output. How do i enable the debuglog ?



Use the admin console for both tasks.

In your browser navigate to http://<yourjabberservername_or_ip>:9090

On the server tab, go to “logs” (left hand column), then the “debug” tab, and select the “enable” radio button.

Here’s a document about certificates in Openfire http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/docs/DOC-1092

Cool, thanks. Mised the debugsetting because of a mixture of german and eglisch in the GUI