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Newbie Setup Help

Just installed Jive for the first time. Pandion client signs in, but I cannot search for others or chat with others already registered. I installed the search plugin, but the radio button for “I want to search for someone never becomes active”. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi cweis,

Try checking out the latest beta of Pandion 2.1.2:


Messenger and Pandion have had some issues with one another in the past that have been taken care of with Messenger 2.2 and Pandion 2.1.2.

Let me know how it goes.



I found the problem. It was the server name I needed to add the entire domain so it was working with the correct network connection on the correct nic.

I am using the Pandion beta. It is very nice!

Thank You for responding!


Hi Chris,

Good to hear you got everything working.



Under the SERVER SETTINGS, I needed to add the server’'s name and the domain for it to work on our network (ie, helpdesk.domain.com ).

This server uses two network cards, and the card on the 192.169… address is what was causing the problem. By using the full server name, the connection is now working on the correct IP.