Nickname field length limitation

I just had someone try to enter a long nickname - basically 22 characters long including 3 spaces and it didn’‘t like it. It showed pending, but the actual user never got any verification. Is there a length limit? And if so, shouldn’‘t the client reject a nickname if it’'s too long?


may I assume that you are using Wildfire? Wildfire allows 64 characters for the username and 1024 for the JID which is used in the roster table. Depending on the database you can also use 1024 ch. for the username and 2048 for the roster JID which then will conform XMPP.

I did use long user names (256 ch) without problems, but they did not contain space characters (see

There is a know problem with ‘’ ‘’ in the username (see


I take back the question. Apparently the problem was not that the nickname was too long, but rather the the username didn’'t exist. I believe this is more of a Wildfire issue…