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Nickname in Spark when LDAP groups are used

Dear all,

we use Openfire with LDAP (ActiveDirectory) and a group “Spark” which every user gets in his Spark.

Do we have to configure the display name (Nickname) in in Openfire to show the sAMAccountName in Spark instead of “cn”?


sAMAccountName in ActiveDirectory is mmi

Display name in Active Directory is Mike Miller

nickname in Spark is Mike Miller

nickname in Spark should be mmi

Thx a lot


these are the proper vcard mapping for AD with openfire. Change the nickname to use whatever field you wish.


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Hi hmmm… it is not working for me… I changed “nickname” to “sAMAccountName” but it did not work…

Also change this field in the server properties: ldap.nameField

Make sure you stop and start the openfire server after the changes.

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perfectly - now it works fine :slight_smile:

thx a lot