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Nickname Problem in Group Chat

I’'m running Beta 1 of 2.1.0. All of my users use the latest version of Exodus.

Sometimes, when someone leaves a chat room and then reenters the room, the room will tell them that their nickname is already in use. Apparently, the nicknames aren’'t being removed properly by either the server or by Exodus. Any word on this?



Hey Tim,

How are the clients leaving the room? Are they closing the room window? Quitting Exodus? Killing Exodus?

Is this situation reproducible in a deterministic way? I tried to reproduce it without success.

Pressing F11 you will be able to discover room occupants. Could you check if the nickname appears in the room? Could you post the XML received by the client?


– Gato

So far, this hasn’'t repeated itself after a server restart. I will get back to you if the problem continues. Thanks for the help!