Nickname update question

Hi there,

I don’t understand the mechanisme of how the nicknames in openfire are updated.

As you know, every user in openfire has a roster and every roster entry has a nickname. It is possible for the user to change the nickname of every entry in his own roster. This part makes sense

What I have also noticed is that the nickname changes to a nickname set by the user who has the JID ID of this entry. This does not happen instantanious and also it does not update at the same time in all rosters.

Is there someone who could shine some light on this, or could guide me to some documentation ?


Probably those changes are not updated instantly because of Openfire Caches. You can check and clean them in Server Manager - Cache Summary. Probably it would be a Roster cache. Or a server restart can do the trick. Openfire is using caches to make less database actions i think, but they tend to update slowly. There is also a system property to make caches to update quickly, but his can affect server stability.