Nightlies vs. revision numbers

Is there any way to tell on which SVN revision number a particular nightly is built?

We’‘re experiencing problems, which don’‘t occur in the nightly of December 17, but do in the nightly of December 19. As I’‘m not exactly sure what revisions are and are not included in each, it’'s difficult to find what change triggered our problem.

Could it be an option to have the nightly build process include a dummy SVN entry that shows up in the SVN logs?


We know when the builds happen… maybe we could query SVN and get the list of changes since the last build date? We could also print out the exact build date so that you could gather this info yourself easily. I’'m open to specific implementation ideas though.



svnversion returns the exact revision of the working copy, maybe this is specific enough?

Including the revision number into the changelog of nightlies would be an idea. You could even list all (relevant) SVN commit comments since the last nightly in them, if you’'d like.

I would prefer to include revision numbers rather than dates though. Dates are prone to misinterpretation thanks to time difference. Revision numbers on the other hand are the actual identification objects of each SVN change. It seems more logical to me to use those instead.

anlumo: the nightly archives (and builds) do not include SVN information. If you extract them, you can’'t perform SVN operations on them.