Nightly builds

Last week I have tried the nightly builds of wildfire and they are really difficult. I wanted to know what day goes out a new release of wildfire that does not have bugs in the integration with mysql. Regards


as Spark is scheduled for August 31st Wildfire and some other products could be released this day, but Matt and Gato will know this much better. I really expect the “LG is right” follow-up of Gato (:


waiting… :>


LG is correct. Anyway, I´m curious to see what problems are you having with the nightly build version?


– Gato

I tried with all nightly builds and the problem is present. In some post I paste my code… I think is right. Regards

Hola urgido,

Could you elaborate a bit more about the problem you are having? Steps to reproduce it would be ideal so we can provide a much better and accurate response.


– Gato