Nighty Build openfire_2015-06-21.deb is the same/similar to Openfire 3.10.2?

I had several problems recently, when I upgrade openfire from version 3.8.2 to 3.10.0.

We were many days without spark, due to problems with the version.

After a week , I made a downgrade to version 3.9.3, however after a few hours of CPU usage burst memory, and I had to restart at least one time a day the openfire.

And upgrade/downgrade the spark of some computers because without explanation some not connect more.

I try this version " bian-distribution-files/openfire_3.10.2_all.deb "

but not finished the installation. I miss the message error. In desperation, I downloaded this nightly build, installed and is almost two days without problems ,

125 user logged (sessions), normal memory usage.

I should upgrade to version 3.10.2 without fear ?? In Brazil we have a popular saying: in team that is winning does not move.

I suggest you use 3.10.2 as it should fix the issues you are seeing. But the current master build should be good as well.

Thank you. I think I’ll wait a few days to update .