No change nickname

With the last version of the openfire 3.5.0 and the last version of the plugin gateway 1.2.3, the users could not change the nickname in the msn


As far as i know, there is no code that actually updates their nickname/display name in the gateway.


Which can be the problem, for when update the nickname, the change is seen but in the spark, to another side with the person that I am speaking, that it uses msn messenger see nothing change?

Nicknames in your roster should update. -Your- nickname shouldn’t update though. That’s not coded yet. However if you set a nickname of someone in your list and log out and back in it -should- take unless something is misbehaving.


I use the latest release with Psi on my side and have similar issue:

I rename MSN contact, after this contact relogins(or maybe MSN gateway relogins) - it gets an old nick(it’s native nick).