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No chat function after trying "disable chat history"?

Returned from vacation to discover that our group is now using Spark 2.6.3 for internal IMs. Worked fine for me until I tried “disable chat history” in the General Chat Settings for my preferences. Thought this would automatically remove chat history since I couldn’t find a place to manually delete.

Once I clicked to Apply and Save, I lost the ability to chat with the users in my group. Tried restarting my PC. Still broken.

When I click on a member of our group, it puts an additional item in my tray with their name, but I can’t send or receive messages. Tried removing the “disable chat history,” but no change. Tried rebooting PC to fully restart Spark. Still no change.

When I try “Start a chat” under Actions, it now asks me to provide an address for that person’s account. It guesses the address; I click “Ok,” but nothing happens.

Our computers are set to auto-load this application upon Start/Boot. We fixed this by manually logging out, then manually logging back in. Seems to be working ok now.