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No connection notices

Hey guys,

I’‘ve ready most all of the threads on this board, and I’‘m still not sure quite what’‘s going on. I am running the jive server here and can connect to it via Trillian. I downloaded the latest XIFF libraries and demo files, and after configuring them to my specific server and running them locally or on the web, I can’'t connect or even get any connection notices/errors.

i have updated my crossdomain policy (believe me, i know how finicky they are), but still i can’‘t tell if i’'m even connecting to the server because i see no confirmation or messaging.

My compiled version of the XIFF demo is located here:


If anyone could provide any insight, i’‘d be really thankfull. I’'m looking forward to using these libraries for some great upcoming projects.


Well I started testing it on a Jabber client instead and i found a few strange things. Let me list them out and see if anyone else is having these issues:

  • For some reason i don’'t need to provide “flash” as an argument in the connect() function call.

  • the XIFF client doesn’‘t print anything onscreen although it does in the flash output box. I am able to send messages from a jabber IM client to my flash client, but if i want to view those messages, i have to build a new interface to display the text. I’‘ve done that and it seems to be working. not sure why the XIFF interface doesn’'t respond.

That’‘s an update for now. This shit’'s fun. I hope to learn a lot more.


ahhh i got it.

sorry, it was port settings. my sysAdmin didn’'t do his job