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No connection to active directory


we had a working openfire server with ldap bind to active diretory. As bind dn we used our administrator account. Then we changed password for administrator and the login to openfire does not work anymore. No surprise. I edited the openfirex.xml to set “setup” to true. When going thru all steps, at the end of the installation process I added an actice directory user as admin, but the there is an error message

No username was provided or the specified username was not found.

Well, this indicates, that the setup is not able to get the userlist from active directory. I turned debug mode on but there are no messages indicating my suspicion.

How could it be, that all of the sudden the bindinng to active does not work anymore? I have tried a different bind dn, but probelm persists.

Any suggestions?

Regards, heinzelrumpel

No suggestions? I am really stuck here