No connectivity via domain


I installed Openfire on my Ubuntu PC and opend the ports in my router.

After installation I entered at the domain my subdomain adress (The domain goes to my webhosting which I bougth a few days ago. The subdomain from this adress goes to my PC at home) .Everything is running with no problems, but I can’t connect to the server.

If I enter not the subdomain, but the public IP adress of my PC I can log in.

Now please help me an tell what’s the problem. Did I anything wrong? Is it a problem of my openfire server or with the subdomain?


best wishes


Maybe it just has to take some time for DNS servers to update the info. Just guessing.

no sorry, it still don’t works

are there any other ideas how to solve my problem

it must be dns problem. have you tried to ping your fqdn address?

your right

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