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No debug logs on max osx server

I installed openfire on my mac osx server v.10.6.8

I’m running into issues with authorizing buddies and want to see the debug logs on the server.

I’ve enabled the logs but the log file is never updated. (date is 1969)

Is this a permissions problem?

Do I need to reboot the server ?

it looks like I cant save the debug log enabled as well

when I restart the server it resets to disabled.

there are also no ‘info’ log - which I find surprising.

this must be a permissions problem writing to log files.

any suggestions?

This post is kind of old but I’ll add a reply any way for future users who have are looking for answers.

I think it is a permissions issue. I have issues going on with a leopard install of openfire as well. I think I won’t go thru this again on mac. I had a windows openfire server that ran fine for almost 3 years prior.

You could enable viewing hidden folders temporarily via terminal on the mac. Once this is done you’ll be able to see the openfire folder usr/local/openfire should be the path.

but you’ll notice at this point that you don’t have permissions to the files within the folders. You can try modifiying the permissions but i would process with caution when doing this. I set up another mac with openfire and played with it on there to avoid doing damage to my live server.

but like you stated in the admin console I see nothing when trying to view the logs. It’s pretty frustrating as seeing logs is pretty basic to troubleshooting issues.

P.S. if there are any openfire pros familiar with mac installs it would be great if you could give some feedback on the issues I’m having?