No gateway plugin source code in openfire_src_3_5_0

i downloaded openfire_src_3_5_0, but there is no gateway plugin source code in the folder.

can anybody tell me where to find the gateway plugin source code? thanks.

The gateway plugin is just that a plugin. It is developed by Daniel Henninger. He controls the source of the plugin. It may be elsewhere in the SVN though.

i do not use svn. in previous release(openfire_src_3_4_x), all the plugins source code can be found in the openfire_src_3_4_x, but this time, in release 3.5.0, the gateway plugin can’t be found in the srouce code folder.

i have to try the svn, and i wish i can get it

Yup, the gateway plugin is not distributed inside openfire. It’s a separate entity. =) It was in the openfire src dist before for “convenience” but since it follows different development paths from Openfire, I removed it and put it off by itself. If I can figure out a good way to, I’ll probably release the source build at some point on the site, but for now, yes, it’s just via SVN.

Of course, fair warning, trunk is build for Openfire 3.6.0 and won’t work with 3.5.*, so you may need: